Recent Publications


Micheli, M., Ponti, M. Craglia, M., & Suman Berti, A. (accepted for publication). Emerging models of data governance in the age of datafication. Big Data & Society.

Beck, S., Bergenholtz, C., Bogers, M., [and 44 others, including Ponti, M.]. (Forthcoming). The open innovation in science research field: a collaborative mapping approach. Industry and Innovation, Special Issue on Open Innovation in Science. Taylor & Francis Online.

Vohland, K., Land, A., Ceccaroni, L., Perreló, J., Ponti, M., Samson, R., Wagenknecht, K., and Lemmens, R. (Eds). The Science of Citizen Science. Final Book of the COST Action CA15212. To be published in 2020. 

Vohland, K., Sauermann, H., Antoniou, V., Balazs, B., Göbel, C., Karatzas, K., Mooney, P., Perelló, J., Ponti, M., Samson, R., & Winter, S. (2020).  Citizen science and sustainability transitions. Research Policy, 49(5). Available at:

Díaz, C., Ponti, M., Haikka, P., Basaiawmoit, R., & Sherson, J. (2019). More than data gatherers: exploring player experience in a citizen science game. Quality and User Experience, 5(1). Available at:

Brovelli, M.A., Ponti, M., Schade, S., & Solis, P. (2020). Citizen Science in Support of Digital Earth. In Guo, H. D., Goodchild, M. F. & Annoni, A. (Eds.), Manual of Digital Earth (pp. 593-622). Springer Verlag: Singapore.

Skarlatidou, A., Ponti, M., Sprinks, J., Haklay, M., Nold, C., & Kanjo, E. (Eds.). (2019). Guest Editorial on Special Issue: User Experience of Digital Technologies in Citizen Science. Journal of Science Communication.

Policy Work

Ponti M. and Craglia M. Citizen-generated data for public policy, European Commission, Ispra, 2020 JRC120231. Ponti_JRC report Final. (A shorter version of this completion report will be published in a chapter included in the final book of the Digitranscope Project).

Ponti, M., Micheli, M., Scholten, H., & Craglia, M. (2019). Internet of Things: Implications for Governance. 4th Workshop of the Digitranscope Project. JRC Conference and Workshop Report. European Commission, 2019,  JRC117130.

Micheli, M., Blakemore, M., Ponti, M., Scholten, H. & Craglia, M. (eds.). (2018). The Governance of Data in a Digitally Transformed European Society. 2nd Workshop of the DigiTranScope Project. JRC Conference and Workshop Report. European Commission, 2018, JRC114711.

Selected Publications with Access to Full Text

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